when you choose to ask

Invite your personal physician to teach you about your medical choices by asking questions. Do not ask every question at once. Do not ask questions in an adversarial way. But please, ask questions so that you can understand what he or she understands.

Follow the links below to questions that can be copied and printed as Clarity Cues. all these are copyrighted, but may be printed for personal use, free of charge.

Starting your conversation from the book

Chapter 1. Uncertainty in Diagnosis
Satisfaction of Search

Chapter 2. Managing Diagnosis
Testing Tests

Chapter 3. Communicating Diagnosis
Identify the Problem

Chapter 4. Uncertainty in Treatment
Wiggle Room

Chapter 5. Managing Treatment Uncertainties
Err Correctly

Chapter 6. Communication and Treatment Decisions
When to Say "When"

Chapter 7. Uncertainty in Prognosis
Knowing the End from the Beginning

Chapter 8. Managing Prognosis
Improving the Mortality Experience

Chapter 9. Communicating Prognosis
Will it Take an Act of Congress?